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Who is an Au-pair?

Au Pair is a cultural program for young people aged 18-26 who come from abroad, and who would like to improve their German language and to get to know the German culture by staying in a German family. Staying with a German family, where German is spoken, is a perfect chance for you to master German. The German language might help you in your further education or will enable you to get a better job.

Who is your host family?

A host family is a German couple with kids or it can be a single parent with kids, who requires help with childcare and household chores, as both parents work.

How can I apply?

You should fill the application form out to the best of your capacity, fully and truthfully and also enclose a letter to the host family and some nice current photos of yours. Please send cute and natural pictures. The family chooses you taking into consideration not only your abilities and qualifications, but also your pictures. We will place your application in an Au Pair- Gallery in Internet, which will enable German families, who are looking for an Au pair, to see it. When some family finds your candidature interesting, then either we or the family itself will contact you and ask you, whether you would like to come to that family. If you agree to come to that family, then we will send you all the required papers, with which you will go to the embassy to apply for your Visa (not required from EU citizens). It takes about 4-10 weeks. Then you can go to Germany to your family. In any case you should have a valid foreign passport!!!

How schould your photos a look like?

In the picture you schould look as natural as possible, that means not after 3 hours of styling. You are to render a positiv and open impression.

How long can I stay in Germany?

You can stay in Germany as an Au-pair from 6 – 12 months. You cannot prolong your Visa. After this time we can find you a family in Austria as Au Pair where you can stay again 12 months.

What will make me an Au-pair?

You should possess good knowledge of German, a driver’s license is advised, but not required, you should have some experience in childcare and household chores and have a way with kids. The host family will expect you to love kids and animals, to be patient, sociable, honest, responsible and trustworthy.

Who will cover the travelling costs to Germany and back?

The travelling costs are covered by an Au Pair himself/herself, except in those cases when a family agrees to cover some or all the travelling costs for an Au-Pair. We advise you to discuss it with your family.

Where will I live?

You will have your own room in an apartment or house of your host family.

What responsibilities will I have as an Au Pair in a host family?

You will be required to take care of kids, to play with them, to do crafts, to read, to take them to and pick them from the kindergarden, social events, to take them out for a walk. One should do the groceries, light house chores for example cooking, dusting, washing, brooming or mopping, cleaning, vacuum cleaning, taking care of animals, etc These tips refer only to generally expected work. Exceptions are also possible. But these tips should be seen as being general and common by both the Au Pairs and the families. The work hours constitute about 5-6 hours a week with at least 1-2 off days. The overwork should be compensated by free time.

How and when can I study German?

It is strongly advised, that you possess basic knowledge of the German language when you come to Germany. This knowledge will be checked by the embassy and by your host family. There are many possibilities to learn and master the German language in Germany. Your host family will help you to find the right German course for you. Many host families might cover the costs of your German course. Please discuss this point with your host family. In addition to it you will stand a good chance to take part in many social activities and events. Your host families will be more than happy to introduce you to the German culture and German traditions. It would be great if you can stay with your host family in your free time, not taking it as work hours.

Am I ensured?

In the course of your stay in Germany you will be ensured against deceases, accidents, lawsuits and arrests. The family pay the insurance.

Am I entitled to have a vacation?

When you stay in Germany for a year, you are entitled to have 4 weeks of paid vacation.

How much pocket money do I get paid?

You get pocket money of 280 EUR per month.

Who is the Aupair Agentur Wagner?

We are an agency in the middle of Germany and we have been engaged in Au Pair placement to Germany for years. We are always here for you. Should any problems arise, you are welcome to call us. You get also an Au Pair Certificate that will enable you to participate in many social activities and also to apply for a German course. We place female (95%) and male (5%) Au-Pairs to stay in German families for 6-12 months. To be single and without children is a must. We do not place pregnant, married or sick Au Pairs.

Who is the Gütegemeinschaft Au-pair e.V?



How much is the fee?

How fast can I find a host family? Host families will see your application in Internet, and if you have a bit of luck and you have submitted a good application form with a pair of photos. Then you stand a perfect chance to find a host family really fast. We are looking forward to having your application form. Should any problems arise, we will do our best to find a new family for you but we would like to speak about it to you and to your host family before you decide to do it.

A helpful round-up tip

In case when you have already applied, but do not want to take part in this program any more, please let us know about it via E-mail, Fax or just call us. Should you have any friends that would also like to become Au Pairs, please let them know about us. Thank you very much and now please fill our application out. Is anything not clear? Then send us an email or just call us.

Please don´t forget !!

Without pictures and a letter you can not submit your application form Für Au-pair/Anmeldung