Aupair Rosita aus Indonesien

Angaben zum Au-pair

Vorname: Rosita
Alter: 24 Jahre alt
Geschlecht: weiblich
Nationalität: indonesisch

Fremdsprachenkenntnisse: Englisch, Deutsch, Indonesisch
Führerschein: Nein
Raucher: Nein
Schwimmen: Ja
Rad fahren: Ja

Angaben zur Gastfamilie

Wie groß darf der Wohnort der Familie sein ? Großstadt
Alleinerziehend: Nein
maximale Aufpasskinder (Anzahl): 2
Familie mit behindertem Kind: Nein
Frühester Anreisetermin: ab Juli 2019
Haushalt: Ja
Stört es wenn in der Familie geraucht wird? Ja

Persönliches an die Gastfamilie

An die Familie:

My experience playing with children is a pleasant experience. I had an internship at a daycare center for one month. The children looked excited when I started telling stories or inviting them to guess words or gestures. Often we sing or dance together. During the internship, I also learned to be patient when children began to get bored or cry. By the caregivers, I was taught to stay calm facing the level of children and be firm if the children make mistakes and give educating rebukes. Besides learning and playing activities, I also help prepare children’s lunches or help them to clean themselves. Facing children requires special skills too. Great curiosity sometimes makes children dare to do unexpected things. I have also been faced with children who tend to be passive and shy so I need to tell them to be more confident and dare to ask if there are things to say.

I am 24-year old girl named Rosita Devi from Indonesia currently live with a family consisting of parents and two siblings in Surabaya, the second largest metropolitan city after Jakarta. Last year I graduated with a Bachelor degree in Communication with good grades. I am very grateful to have passed my lecture on time.

My pleasure is to spend time playing music while singing songs. Dancing is also something that makes me more excited. On weekends, I usually choose a book to read or do sports such as swimming or doing yoga. I am optimistic about my future. Armed with the principle of discipline and hard work, anything I dream of can be achieved. I also believe the power of prayer can provide new energy and firm conviction to achieve what is good and right so that it can be useful for others.

From children too, I learned many things, especially daring to learn new things. This is what introduces me to the Aupair program, whose main goal is cultural exchange. For a year living together with a host family will surely provide an unforgettable experience. Typical food, unique local beliefs, different habits, and improving German languange are some of the many experiences that I hope can be realized soon. I am sure the Au Pair Program will provide valuable lessons for my future.

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